The Akha people are indigenous to South-East Asia and live throughout Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Eastern China. The Akha artisan group employs over one hundred crafts people and offers both full-time and part-time opportunities, as well as the opportunity to work from home. This offers maximum flexibility for the artisans to work around their own schedules and other personal or family commitments. Their central and highly productive workshop also provides a great social environment where the sound of laughter is abundant as artisans are happy to come work together in a relaxed and fun setting



Gotta Lotta Hope- Boozik

Gotta Lotta Hope has been working in Thailand for 15 years and recently they have expanded into the creation of the Boozik.  The Boozik was originally created by Chanchai Makhacha, who is now the quality control manager.  Gotta Lotta Hope uses only locally sourced bamboo, which is harvested from June to October.  Each artist is paid a fair, livable wage and are guaranteed a safe working environment.  Gotta Lotta Hope donates clothing to Burmese refugee and Internally Displaced People.  Hope: it's more than a name, it's a way of living in the world!



Kamibashi artisans are based in small in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Crafting String Dolls is the main occupation for most of our artisans, which means a reliable income and improved living standards for their families and communities in their economically developing regions. When they are not making string dolls, many of our workers spend time taking care of their families and tending to their vegetable gardens for self-sufficiency.


Ton Fai

Ton Fai, Thai for cotton tree uses 100% locally grown cotton fibers in the production of all their textiles.  Each step in the crafting process is done by hand in the traditional Thai style passed down through generations.  Ton Fai, though primarily farmers, has been weaving for 15 years between their harvest and planting seasons as a secondary source of sustainable income for their families.  This allows the farmers to stay in their community and work with their neighbors in their own beautiful mountain-side community.


Unique Batik

Unique Batik works with artists, sewers, weavers in Ghana, Guatemala and Thailand.  Their goal is to bring fun-loving and modern clothing and accessory designs to the international marketplace.  They work with artisan groups that produce high-quality products using the age old artistic traditions of batik printing in Ghana and back-strap weaving in Guatemala.  They also purchase beaded jewelry in both countries.  The business gives artisans access to markets beyond their local villages.  This work makes it possible for the artists to make a living, stay in their home communities and carry on cultural traditions.