Meet the GrassRoots Staff

jill w dogs (1).jpg



Jill was raised in Wisconsin and, after a few years of wandering around the US, moved to Alaska in 1981. After 27 years of practicing law she saw the Fair Trade light and opened GrassRoots Fair Trade Store in Anchorage with her daughter, Liz.  When not fair trading Jill likes to scuba dive in warm places and hike in cool places. Her favorite products are the Recycled Telephone Wire Baskets from Baskets of Africa in South Africa



Blair is originally from Mississippi and moved to Alaska with her four daughters 2 years ago.  She loves Harry Potter and spending time with her family that lives in Alaska.  She and her daughters recently adopted an adorable puppy named Puddles and she makes amazing southern food!  Blair's favorite product is the Elephant Jewelry Box made by Asha Handicrafts in India.



Bridget was born and raised in Anchorage, AK. She is currently doing her Junior year abroad in Barcelona but we expect her back with many stories soon.  Bridget has traveled to many place around the world including Egypt, Borneo and Peru.   Her favorite thing in the store is the Charpoy Stool made in Bangladesh by Prokritee



Claire is born and raised Alaskan!  Like most Alaskans she has two cute dogs named Dixie and Otter.  Claire will describe herself as incredibly accident prone but has preformed with fire while attending the Burning Man Festival in 2013.  In her spare time she makes incredible crafts and sells them in her Etsy shop.  Her favorite item in the store are the Cruelty Free Leather Journals from Eco Friendly Papers in India 



Liz was born and raised here in Alaska although throughout her life she has found herself in many different countries and states.  Being a family member of the  other owner she has worked on and off since the opening of GrassRoots in 2008.  She came back to manage GrassRoots in 2015 and became a co-owner in 2017.  Her favorite item in the store this week is the Spruce Satchel by What Daisy Did in India.







Denali took up residency in GrassRoots in 2013 and has since won the hearts of almost every employee and customer. He enjoys the little things in life like nuts, spray baths, and pretending to not know how to talk.  Although meowing like a cat and imitating children are among his favorite things, he can't resist a creepy low tones "hello"  when the store is closed and you think you are alone.  His favorite product is the alpaca alpaca!






Kilometer has had free run of the store since the beginning in 2008.  He enjoys following people who have treats in their pockets and napping for hours at a time.  When he isn't napping he likes to stare longingly out the window or at the sample table.  His favorite item in the store are the All Natural Dog Treats from Women's Bean Project in Denver.