Saffy Handicrafts

Saffy stands for Social Action for Filipino Youth.  Saffy Handicrafts is the business export arm of SAFRUDI, the Social Action Foundation for Rural and Urban Development, a social services organization.  SAFRUDI markets products for many small artisan workshops, and runs its own production unit specializing in capiz shell items.  Artisans benefit from educational seminars, vocational training, financial and medical assistance.  Saffy was founded in 1966 by Sr. Juliaan Mullie, a Belgian nun, to create alternative sources of livelihood for impoverished women and youth.  It expanded to serve communities in need by launching social development programs. 


Community Crafts Association 

The Community Crafts Association of the Philippines is one of the oldest fair-trade organizations in the Philippines.  Since 1973, CCAP has been marketing handicrafts for marginalized Filipino artisans.  CCAP assists community-based enterprises to become effectively organized and self-reliant by providing them with training programs, organizational development and markets for their products.  The artisans use locally sourced fibers like bamboo, coconut, and other grasses to weave their quality products.  


Sanctuary Spring

Sanctuary Spring's cards are handcrafted by women who have escaped prostitution in the Philippines.  The sale of their cards sustains programs that assist the women in their restoration processes while also enabling them to provide food and education for their siblings and children.  With limited job options in the Philippines Sanctuary Springs is a critical lifeline that provides safe, dignifying, and empowering work. 

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Eangee's mission is to provide eco-friendly, fair-trade home goods. They focus on unique designs that are a collaboration of  experience and the creative minds of their artisans. Their products are eco-friendly being composed of renewable and/or recycled materials with food based dyes and low-impact finishes. Eangee also believes in and supports fair trade practices. All employees have access to a dignified working environment, living wages, healthcare, continuing education and quality housing. By providing quality goods in this manner, Eangee hopes to fill people’s homes with sustainable products that they love while supporting artisans worldwide.