The APIKRI Cooperative (the Foundation for the Development of Indonesian People's Handicrafts) was established in 1987 to promoted craft development, generating income for peasants in rural areas where land is at a premium, and for those displaced to the cities.  Although Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, APIKRI, a nonprofit marketing organization, works with artisan groups representing many different faiths.  APIKRI promotes traditional handicrafts produced by 230 artisan groups who represent 2,000 Indonesian artisans.


Zen Zen

Zen Zen works with artisans in Bali, Indonesia.  The name "zen zen" comes from a Japanese expression which loosely translates to "but of coarse" the natural serendipity which occurs when you're doing something positive of the planet  Preserving traditional crafts and lifestyles of the peoples of Bali.  Zen Zen respects the lifestyle and traditions of their artisans and put their well being ahead of profits.  They are also working with the village leaders, educating them in conservation, sustainable development and organic farming to insure safe drinking water and preservation of their neighboring rain forest.



Pekerti stands for Pengembangan Kerajinan Rakyat Indonesia, meaning Indonesian People's Handicraft Foundation. Pekerti Foundation works to supplement the incomes of subsistence farmers and rural people through development and sale of traditional crafts.