Maya Traditions

Maya Traditions, based in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, has worked with Maya indigenous weavers in the highlands of Guatemala for over ten years.  Their mission is to support weaving groups and small family businesses through providing consistent income, as well as health and education products.  At the heart of their efforts is the improvement of the weaver's quality of life; many are faced with poverty and lack basic services.  Maya Traditions works with more than 100 Maya women in five established groups in rural villages, predominantly with women who do back strap weaving, an ancient traditional art which women can do at home.



Lucias Imports

Lucias Imports is committed to working under Fair Trade guidelines and developing long term partnerships with many Guatemalan families, artisan groups and cooperatives.  Lucias works with the Mayan families around the shores of Lake Atitlan to transform their beautiful weaving tradition into hand beaded jewelry.  In the highlands of Totonicapan they produce stylish scarves and bags and along the shore of Lake Atitlan beautiful ceramics are made. 


Unique Batik

Unique Batik works with artists, sewers, weavers in Ghana, Guatemala and Thailand.  Their goal is to bring fun-loving and modern clothing and accessory designs to the international marketplace.  They work with artisan groups that produce high-quality products using the age old artistic traditions of batik printing in Ghana and back-strap weaving in Guatemala.  They also purchase beaded jewelry in both countries.  The business gives artisans access to markets beyond their local villages.  This work makes it possible for the artists to make a living, stay in their home communities and carry on cultural traditions.