Unique Batik

Unique Batik works with artists, sewers, weavers in Ghana, Guatemala and Thailand.  Their goal is to bring fun-loving and modern clothing and accessory designs to the international marketplace.  They work with artisan groups that produce high-quality products using the age old artistic traditions of batik printing in Ghana and back-strap weaving in Guatemala.  They also purchase beaded jewelry in both countries.  The business gives artisans access to markets beyond their local villages.  This work makes it possible for the artists to make a living, stay in their home communities and carry on cultural traditions. 


Global Mamas

Global Mamas is the name brand for goods produced through the efforts of Women in Progress, an international not-for-profit organization assisting women in Africa in attaining economic independence.  All proceeds made by Global Mamas sales go directly to the women producing the merchandise and to the business development programs carries out by Women in Progress.  Sales of Global Mamas products provide dignity to African Women who are now able to earn an honest living through the production of handmade batik products.  By helping women to help themselves, Global Mamas is taking small steps towards ending Africa's dependence on foreign aid and creating a sustainable society. 


Frafra Weavers

Baskets are exclusively woven by the indigenous Frafra people in and around the historical town of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana.  For many generations, weaving has been the traditional skill of the people there.  The geographical land area is not fertile enough for extensive agricultural activities, and as a result, handicrafts such as basket weaving, leather work and pottery are undertaken by the women to supplement their income.  These baskets put food in the bowl of a child, as well as promotes self-esteem for the women, children and entire village.