El Salvador


Hope for Women

The idea for Hope for Women started in 1993 in a small village in the Himalayas while founder Evan Goldsmith was working with a local non-profit group devoted to women's development and environmental issues.  The primary mission for Hope for Women is to provide retail and e-commerce opportunities for products made by women, which make up 90% of their artisans.  Hope for Women works with at risk families and individuals to provide a stable income to help them create a better future for themselves and their families.  Artisan in El Salvador, Colombia and India are trained to work with a variety of natural and recycled materials. 



Alabi Recycling

Alabi Recycling works with artisans in Santa Rosa, just 4 hours from the capital of El Salvador.  These artisans work with various recycled materials to create their wonderful products.  Alabi takes old tires, that are nesting spot for mosquitos and turn them into useable goods.  By collecting tires off the side of the road they are creating a healthier environment for their community.