Belart is a Fair Trade small business that works directly with many artisans in Colombia.  They are committed to creating and sustaining viable markets through respect based on partnerships between the producers and the buyers.  By supporting and empowering disadvantaged communities in Columbia, they are in turn raising the standard of living for the whole community.  They are committed to ensuring every artisan is paid a fair, livable wage and work in a safe and healthy environment.  At Belart, they celebrate hands as a force of peace, a better tomorrow, and the preservation of cultures around the world. 



Tagua Donut Earrings

Flat Tagua Earring and Necklace Set

Tagua Tree of Life Earrings

Flat Tagua Earrings

Tagua Chip Earrings

Tagua Tree of Life Bracelet

Single Flat Tagua Necklace

Donut Agave Fiber Earrings

Tagua Rings